Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Updates and Hearsay

     Mass Effect.  So much Mass Effect.  Why haven't I started this game sooner?  I've heard so many good things about it but yet I never gave it a chance.  Until now.  Almost instantly I became hooked.

Such dialogue.
Much action.
So Shepard.

     I started with Mass Effect 2 as I told it was better than the original in every way and with them both having the same price on steam I wanted the most bang for my buck.  Not once have I felt left out by not playing the first although I do plan on it eventually.  The game does a great job on keeping you queued in, never does it make you wonder "What is going on? Should I know who this is?" Major plus there.

     I cant help but feel like I'm playing Knights of the Old Republic mixed with Halo and Gears of War.  To my surprise I later found out that, *Drum roll* They were made by the same company! Kotor and ME that is.   Wait, why am I still typing here? Back to Mass Effect! More to come soon.

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