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This page is devoted to my love of Blizzard's dungeon-crawling, loot-grinding, demon-slaying, time-devouring, action role-playing hack n' slash.  Oh gosh do not allow me to get started on my love for Diablo, not only will it keep me talking for hours with no end in site but you may just lose a few IQ points in the process.  But you're here, so this is on you, I assume no liability! Lets go!


Diablo is one of those games that physically has no end.  There is no "end game".  It gives you 2 purposes.  Kill the demons, Get better gear.  Now that in itself may not sound all to attractive, or maybe it does, hey I don't judge, I'm the one with more hours played than most people spend sleeping in a lifetime.

A Quick and Dirty Jump Into Things!

While the concept of  Diablo is a basic one, the game is by no means basic.  For each enemy you can kill there is an INFINITY STRONGER enemy that you can not!  With many different kind of demons come many different obstacles to overcome, different enemies with different traits to learn to deal with.  From enemies that will turn the ground to acid/lava/freezing ice and so on to other that will lock you in one place and drop a series on anvil fists the size of a compact car on your face.  At higher difficulties these traits start to combine and stack.  But with difficulty comes loot and there is no shortage of loot to be had.

Combos to look out for--

Jailer & Frozen -
Locks you down from moving and than the perma-freeze kicks in, no bueno.

Waller & Mortar -
Yo bro, I heard you like not moving. But how do you feel about also getting massive fire balls in your face?

Waller & Anything for that matter -
Walls are just horrible and it seems that with higher difficulty comes smarter walling technique. Making smaller and smaller triangular prisons.  Some rift guardians really abuse this ability.. I'm lookin' at you Orlash!


~~ Coming Soon!~~

The loot system!

The loot system on launch was laughable at best.  It sucked!  Anything with any stats could drop for anyone, without getting to specific.  It was a clusterfuck in every sense of the word.  At least there was an action house where you could spend in game gold on items or REAL LIFE MONEY!  This system didn't work, wasn't fun and stuck around for way to long.  You would never get gear to make your character any better and on the off chance something dropped, that was made for you, it wouldn't have the right stats!  IF it did however, which mind you, they didn't, but IF something was perfect than you better just sell it on the auction house because anything good was worth $100+.  Yep, double the cost of the entire game for only one slot of great gear. No bueno.  Introducing, the Reaper Of Souls expansion!

With Diablo's first expansion, there was a massive overhaul of the loot system.  Remember that auction house I mentioned?  It was axed! Gone! Never coming back!  Instead they made the game understand what class you're playing and while it wouldn't drop perfect items for you, they were more than useless with the stats that would benefit you.  And joyous it is.  I cant really say much more than this:  IT SIMPLY WORKS! Better items come at a slower rate from harder creatures, but the feeling of things being unattainable has vanished.  The loot life is great.

Stop back soon! ~~~

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