Saturday, July 30, 2016

Y'all Like DOOM?


     Have you played the new Doom yet?  If yes, you don't need to read this! If not, continue to the next sentence.  Hey, why haven't you played the new Doom?! It's already gone on sale down to $30 by this point and I'm sure you've seen all this stuff on reddit about it.  Doesn't it look good? Don't you want to have fun? WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING IT YET?

For the unfamiliar 

    So.. lets talk about what Super Happy Fun Game is.  It's a game about picking flowers and holding hands and bombarding your senses with nothing but niceness.  You like nice things right?  Wait, wrong game.  We're here to talk about Doom! Blood and gore, demons and hell, guns and OH GOD DID YOU JUST RIP THAT THINGS JAW APART?  Hah, yeah you did!  Doom is a FPS (First person shooter, and not frames per second) that puts you in the shoes of the doom marine in his quest to teach some demons the real meaning of hell, through means of total shotgun annihilation.  While Doom has a story the main draw is the fast pace, brutal game play.  When I say fast I mean it, you'll feel like Bruce Willis on a skateboard, with a shotgun.  


     The main draw of this game is by far the single player mission.  We'll get into multiplayer later.  The solo game play is by far one of the best arena type shoot 'em up campaigns you'll ever play through.  Granted that isn't saying much as there really aren't any other options.  The main difference many younger gamers will notice with this game is how different it is from many of the shooters released in the last chunk of years.  

A few examples being: 
Regenerative health - This doesn't exist.  
Cover based shootouts - Nope, not here.  
The main protagonist saying words - Words? Overrated.  Shut up and shoot things.

     Doom wants you to continually run around, stopping means death.  Doom wants you to fight for your life, you need to earn the right to progress.  Hiding behind a rock doesn't grant you life!  Doom wants you to play!  Of the entire campaign, you'll spend a total of 15 minutes stuck in dialog.  Mind you this is only listening, you'll never talk, you let your BFG do all the talking.  

   The locations you'll explore are incredible.  You'll transition from a base operation on Mars in all of that beauty to the depths of hell, bloody demon-filled hell.


As of this point, the multiplayer isn't all that great or worth playing, so go back to Overwatch. 
With the release of Doom, Bethesda gave control of the multiplayer portion of the game to a different company. But with complaints of it being all Call of Dutied, have regained control and will be updating it to be more along the lines of what was expected and how an arena shooter should be.  That's what they said at least.  Either way, at this point, Overwatch.

Final Conclusion

Doom is good. It's better than good.  It'll more then satisfy your need to shoot demons with big awesome guns, and don't worry it's normal to have that urge.  The single player is long and higher difficulties will make the game incredibly challenging as well as rewarding.  The fast paced game play will keep you on your toes as you jump from pillar to pillar while blasting away at a pursuing cacodemon.  It'll give you dreams that you'll believe to be a nightmare, at least, until you find a super shotgun and grin at your immanent victory.  The graphics, gameplay and singleplayer features gain Doom serious points, however the lacking multiplayer keeps it from being perfect. Finger crossed Bethesda fixes that.  Don't let that stop you from picking up this great game.