Wrath of the Khans - Civ5

Oh the stories I have to tell about Civilization.

Just the other night I had the strongest urge for world domination, as is normal with all human beings I promise you.  But not just any kind of world domination, a world ran by myself wouldn't be all that glorious.  Now a world ran by the great Genghis Khan?  That's a different story entirely!  

~My mission~
  • Build a strong economy - To support a large standing army
  • Acquire a large pool of horses - Petting zoos are all the rage in Mongolia
  • Research chivalry - Do you even Keshik bro? 
  • Eat surrounding city-states - They said we looked like dorks!
  • We take over the world -  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


With my goal set and the general idea in mind, we set out into an epic length game under the rule of Genghis.  The strength of the Mongal empire comes almost solely from their militaristic power (Duh!) and what a power it is.  They receive enhanced generals, and the beautiful Keshik.

The Mongolian super special Great General.  These guys don't mess around.  Lets break down their bonus.

Increased speed that allows them to keep up with the Keshik. (5 Moves)
They heal adjacent units, everyone loves medics!
Regular G.G. combat bonus.

These units were voted the most powerful empire specific military unit, and for good reason. Lets take a quick look.

First, they replace knights, made available during the late Medieval Era from the research of Chivalry.
They are a ranged unit with increased move speed (up to 5)
They generate 50% more experience towards promotions and 2x points toward Great Generals

If specifics alone don't make them sound horrifying, allow me to explain.

These units have such a high rate of movement that they can very effectively coordinate hit-and-run tactics.   Jumping into a battle, unleashing a volley of very deadly arrows, and escaping untouched.  Even a small pack of low leveled keshik can take on a massive enemy military with ease, and after a few promotions they become nearly unstoppable with these tactics.

Promotions to consider:
March - Heal every turn regardless of action taken
Logistics - 2 attacks per turn (OUCH!)
Range - +1 attack range

That's a powerful combo, to ramp into these powerful units faster I suggest building chariot archers earlier in the game.  Once chivalry is in full swing, a chariot can be upgraded to a keshik with gold.

Don't forget you'll need melee units to come along and actually make the capture on cities, keshik unfortunately cannot do that themselves.  I guess they cant be PERFECT.

~~more to come

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